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    In the year 2000 Khalifa Airways launched an ambitious program for training of airline pilots. More then 300 young algerian students benefit spending eighteen months of training at the Oxford Aviation Training in England. 300 young men... and young women; because Rafik Khalifa believed in them even before, but it will be the first time in Algeria that the aircraft will be commanded by a woman.
"the career planning proposed by Khalifa Airways is one of the best in the world". And the trainees who come back with no diploma are re-oriented to other sectors within the company.
Back in the country, the pilot trainees are taken over by the company instructors for more extensive experience, handling different types of aircrafts of the fleet owned by the company (Boeing, Airbus, ATR) Parallel to this, Khalifa Airways is about to open an Aviation school for lighter planes, as well as a center for training with a simulator, in partnership with the ancient specialists of Airbus.

From the book: Rafik KHALIFA
A force to be reckoned with